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Support for 2012 ?

first post: mareksbir wrote: This was very good tool, but now we have updated to TFS 2012, and s...

Need an All users option to send mail.

first post: brthomas wrote: When you connect to a collection under File you have the option to ...

latest post: MrWeiland wrote: I haven't got so much time on my hands right now but if you like i ...

Please put out an MSI installer

first post: brthomas wrote: Sorry dont like the click once installer.

latest post: brthomas wrote: I just dont like the delivery method I suppose trying to be secure....

TFS 2010 - Works

first post: allenfeinberg wrote: Any plans to migrate TFS Mailer to support TFS 2010?

latest post: MrWeiland wrote: This application supports TFS 2010.

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